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Gibadullin's theory of everything

Gibadullin Arthur's theory of everything (GTOE) is the theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment. It is the final theory and it unifies general relativity and quantum mechanics. GTOE explains and refines general relativity and quantum mechanics, all fundamental interactions, the standard model of elementary particle physics, dark energy, dark matter, physics of life and consciousness. It has an important advantage - it does not need strings and extra dimensions.

GTOE explains the following phenomena.
1.One-dimensionality of time, nature of time.
2.Three-dimensionality of space, nature of space.
3.Anisotropy of time, isotropy of space.
4.The constant speed of light in vacuum and the Planck constant, their dependence on each other.
5.Dark energy.
6.Dark matter.
7.Theory of relativity, GTOE refines the theory of relativity.
8.Quantum mechanics, GTOE refines the quantum mechanics.
9.Unification of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.
10.Nature of gravity.
11.Nature of the metric expansion of space (the Big Bang theory).
12.Change of the Hubble constant with time.
13.Nature of all fundamental interactions, their superunification.
14.All elementary particles, their properties.
15.All fundamental constants.
16.There is far more matter than antimatter in the observable universe (baryon asymmetry).
17.Approximately equal quantity of protons and electrons in the universe.
18.The asymmetry in the weak interaction.
19.Appearance of the first helium atoms are not synthesized in stars.
20.Appearance of quarks and leptons. Relationship between them, their generations, flavors of quarks.
21.Dark matter particles.
22.Relationship between dark matter and baryonic matter.
23.Stability of some elementary particles.
24.Nature of the excess mass of the neutron over the proton mass.
25.Physics of life and consciousness (not in the video, but it is in the book).
26.Beginning of the metric expansion of space, phenomena at different stages of expansion.
27.Appearance of all elementary particles, their interactions.
28.GTOE solved the problem of vacuum catastrophe.
- and many other phenomena that could not be explained before.

1.There are no elementary strings in GTOE.
2.There are no real extra dimensions in the universe .
3.The existence of apeirons - the stable dark matter particles that participate only in the gravity. Their spin is zero.
4.Spin of gravitons is zero.
5.Gravity is local, gravity does not constrain the metric expansion of space.
6.The metric expansion of space will never change to compression or collapse.
7.Properties of the starting point of the Big Bang. Cause of the metric expansion of space is found.
8.Apeiron, proton and its quarks,electron, neutrino are stable particles.
9.Transformation of the dark matter in the baryonic matter.
10.Dark matter is initial matter.
11.Wave–particle structure of spacetime.
12.The "speed" of space is speed of light in vacuum, representation of it as momentary.
13.Space-time inversion (transformation of space into time and contrary), relativity of space and time themselves.
14.The initial interaction is gravity, all other interactions were formed from it.
15.There are only four fundamental interactions in the observable universe and they are sufficient for the existence of stable baryonic matter.
16.Distribution of matter in the local regions of the universe.
And others.

Novelty of methods of research.
1.Geometric justification of quantum mechanics.
2.Geometry of time, new concepts of time.
3.New geometry, which explains and refines the theory of relativity and unites it with quantum mechanics.
4.New theory of relativity, which explains and refines the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.
5.Geometric justification not only gravity but also all other interactions, their superunification.
6.Geometric justification of the Big Bang, the metric expansion of space and dark energy.
7.GTOE does not need strings, extra dimensions.
8.Physics of life and consciousness.
Like the theory of relativity in the GTOE, particularly in the Gibadullin's new theory of relativity, many phenomena are explained by the geometry.

Completeness of research.
1.Absorbs the previous scientific theories - theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.
2.Many scientific discoveries in the field of mathematics (mathematics of time, new geometry, geometry of uncertainties, geometry of interactions etc. - new mathematical apparatus)
3.Superunification of all fundamental interactions, model of all fundamental particles, their properties, explanation of all fundamental constants.
4.Physics of life and consciousness (it is discovery not only in physics but in biology and cybernetics).
5.Many-worlds interpretation of GTOE.

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Unificating theory of everything

Brief summary

  • 1.The whole Universe is composed of times. All physical phenomena are due to properties and geometry of times. Any physical phenomenon, any process, any experiment is not possible without the time. (Arrow theory)
  • 2.Spacetime is a set of times. (Geometry of time)
  • 3.The elementary particles are times or a set of times. All of their properties (quantum and relativistic) are due to the properties of times. Consequently, the fields consist of times, and interactions are carried out through the times. (Time mechanics)
  • 4.There are three types of properties of times:
    1)properties that allow them to form a geometric structure - spacetime, (Mathematics of time)
    2)reality-virtuality, (Geometry of the uncertainties)
    3)charge divisibility. (Charge geometry)
    All these properties are enough to explain all observable physical phenomena, even such as the origin and structure of life and consciousness.
  • 5.There are no real extra dimensions. Properties of the times cause the four-dimensional spacetime. Strings that are offered by the string theory do not exist because one-dimensional times do their roles (time arrows).
  • 6.The new theory of relativity is part of the arrow theory. It is based on the nature of the times, it is fully consistent with quantum mechanics, explains and clarifies previous theory of relativity. It corrects the fundamental error of the previous theory of relativity. (New theory of relativity)


The arrow theory in one sentence.
"The whole Universe is composed of times, the times play a key role in all processes and phenomena"

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